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Texas Cartage "Old School"
"a tradition of service..." the philosophy of Texas Cartage Warehouse, Inc. Texas Cartage Company was formed in 1940 with its principal business pick up and delivery service for the railroads in their LCL movements. Two trucks parked on a used car sales lot was the beginning. Growth through the war years was limited due to the shortage of equipment, parts, tires, fuel, and manpower.
Post-war business expansion followed in the area of pick up and delivery service for forwarding and carloading companies, as well as, local delivery and drayage for certified motor carriers.
The company was incorporated in 1946 and during this period Texas Cartage Warehouse Company, Inc. was formed, leasing space in the North American Aviation Plant. Later, the 1940's brought ventures into oil field hauling and rigging as well as truck leasing and transporting mail.
Continued growth of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area added to the demand for local trucking while the geographical location of Dallas provided warehouse and distribution opportunities. During the 1950's, Texas Cartage Terminal, Texas Cartage Warehouse, and Texas Leasing were merged to become Texas Cartage Terminal and Warehouse, Inc. In 1955 an 80,000 square foot warehouse was built and the next year terminal facilities with 68,000 square feet of space were completed. Pick up and delivery for interstate carriers as well as drayage from major shippers to carrier docks, local delivery, and public warehousing was the focus of the company.
In 1960, distribution for shipper associations, shipper's agents, consolidators, and TOFC drayage was added to the services offered as well as expanding public warehouse space. 1975 brought a new stepping stone for Texas Cartage. In May all operations were moved into a new 178,000 square foot headquarters and distribution center. In November, Texas Express, Inc. was merged into Texas Cartage adding both transportation and warehousing capacity. 1978 saw an expansion at the headquarters location to 230,000 square feet.
The decade of the eighties brought many opportunities and the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 was the catalyst for much change. The rules and the way companies approached the logistics industry were changing. Texas Cartage continued to develop, changing with its marketplace. Growth continued through the period with the company concentrating on the public warehouse, distribution, and traffic management areas. Transportation, that had once been the company's core business, was beginning to assume the role of support player for a broader package of services provided to its clients.
In 1993, a contract warehousing arrangement prompted the relocation of the company to its current headquarters at 12344 E. Northwest Highway in Dallas. The facility is situated near major transportation arteries and well located to serve the company's clients. 1995 brought the acquisition of the Semtner Companies, a fine, old public warehouse operation, adding specialized computer capabilities as well as a state of the art pick and pack/fulfillment operation. The company will continue its concentration in providing full service warehousing, information services, and logistics management to blend many years of expertise in handling a diverse client base.
As the company began in the 40's, its slogan was "Never Forget a Customer." While that slogan has never been supplanted in corporate ideology, the current theme of the the new millennium "a tradition of service..." exemplifies the value driven approach to an age old business.
Mergers and Acquisitions:
  The Semtner Companies, Inc.
  Armstrong Distribution Services, Inc.
  Koon-McNatt Warehouse & Transfer Company
  Texas Express, Inc.