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We are one of Texas' largest and oldest warehouse companies. Our facility is located in one of Dallas' busiest commercial zones. The facilities enable us to provide complete warehouse services, including:

  • 250,000 square feet of fire sprinklered space with central station monitored security protection.
  • food grade storage - complete sanitation program.
  • freight consolidation for all shipment sizes.
  • on-line computer capability, RF scanning.
  • immediate shipment status and inventory control.
  • prompt response to orders.
  • standard and specialized material handling equipment.
  • sheltered loading docks.
  • open dock for specialized handling - dock high, ground level, and van/pick-up truck loading.
  • low fire insurance rating - quality municipal services.
  • warehouseman's legal liability, general liability, and fidelity coverage.

Our experienced and dedicated dispatchers, drivers, and dock handlers provide a complete range of trucking and distribution services for our clients, including:

  • local delivery in the Dallas/Ft. Worth commercial zone.
  • pool, cross dock, and consolidation distribution.
  • handling and reforwarding throughout the southwest.
  • container pick up, delivery and handling for all areas and all plans.
  • flexibility in vehicles, equipment, and services.
  • efficient dispatch and delivery performance.
  • online billing and shipment status communications.
  • regional truckload, stop off, and LTL delivery operations.
  • contract and common carrier authority.
  • cost effective insurance for auto liability and cargo.